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May NF Awareness Month: Being Different is Beautiful

May NF Awareness Month: Being Different is Beautiful

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Gilbert Family Foundation Invests $18M Toward Gene Therapy Initiative

The Gilbert Family Foundation, a private fund established by Dan and Jennifer Gilbert, announced Thursday it is funding more than $18 million in grants toward NF1 research. The money will fund a three-year campaign as part of the organization's Gene Therapy Initiative.


Stanford Conducting Remote Study for Adults with NF1

Stanford University is seeking participants for a free, remote genetic testing study. This research will study the genes of adults with neurofibromatosis type (NF1) to help researchers understand why some are more likely to develop certain disorders and manifestations, such as increased cutaneous neurofibromas.

Event Highlight

Join the NF Network Near You!

Our event chairs are hard at work preparing for an engaging events season. This summer and fall, we are excited to bring our new and long-running events to areas across the country. Our #NFStrong events and NF Hope Concerts are entering a new phase to bring excitement and community to our NF friends and families, and we look forward to having you join us!

People Spotlight

Being Different is Beautiful: Caroline's Story

Caroline Hunt has NF1 and actively participates in the pageant circuit. Using her platform "Being Different is Beautiful," Caroline has raised awareness for her genetic disorder and we need your help this NF Awareness Month to spread the word too.

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