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REiNS Cutaneous Neurofibroma Working Group

REiNS Cutaneous Neurofibroma Working Group

In The News

Gilbert Family Foundation's Vision Restoration Initiative

The NF Network would like to congratulate the Gilbert Family Foundation on launching its Vision Restoration Initiative.


The Merlin Interactome Identifies Cell Junction Proteins

Proximity biotinylation identifies a set of conformation-specific interactions between Merlin and cell junction proteins

Event Highlight

Attend NF Hope Concert Benefit at Metropolis

The NF Hope Concert hits the Windy City once again!

People Spotlight

Buono receives Department of Defense grant to study mobile phone application for NF1

Dr. Frank Buono of @YalePsych has been awarded a 3-year grant to evaluate whether a mobile phone application can reduce pain in adults with NF1. 

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